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——Guiye Machinery successfully held the “2019 National Day Celebration ? Promoting Team-building Activities” running relay.

It is clear sky with cool autumn wind. On the occasion of the nationwide celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., Ltd. held the "2019 National Day Celebration ? Promoting Team-building Activities” running relay in the beautiful and clean factory on the afternoon of September 24.

All employees are organized into 7 teams according to the department. Each team determines 6 employees to participate in the sprint relay competition through voluntary registration or internal selection. It is carried out on the section of the main road in the middle of the plant, 150 meters one way; at the same time, 6 employees were determined to participate in the long-distance running relay competition, running around a part of the production area, one way 850 meters. There must be a female employee in the sprint and long-distance relay team. The team with the least amount of time in the sprint relay race and the long-distance relay race wins.

After half a month of selection and training, accompanied by a magnificent march, at 3 pm on September 24th, the teams were full of fighting passion and winning beliefs. The cheerleading teams in all departments were also ready.

(Team Collection)

The general referee reiterated the rules of the game. After the staff and the contestants were in place, the whistle sounded, and the players rushed to the finish line. The sound of refueling is one after another.

(Struggling to Run)

(Fast Speed with Handsome Posture)

In the game, each team played its own level and the game was very exciting. Whether it is a sprint or a long-distance running project, the difference in performance is small. After more than an hour of fierce competition, the Sales Technical Team, the Drilling Machine Team and the Fine Processing Workshop Team won the championship, runner-up and third runner-up respectively.

(Reach Destination)

(The Sales Technical Team won the championship. They are indeed the most powerful group.)

This relay race has promoted the awareness of cooperation and the overall situation among departments, enhanced the employees' sense of competition and struggle, and enhanced the initiative and enthusiasm of everyone to adhere to physical exercise and improve physical fitness. After the game, some teams who do not concede and many employees who have not yet enjoyed themselves said that they should use one year to prepare and meet again in the coming year!