High-precision Control System of Guiye Machinery debuted at 2019 A&G ZHEGNZHOU

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High-precision Control System of Guiye Machinery debuted at 2019 A&G ZHEGNZHOU


    The biennial Chinese (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition (A&G ZHEGNZHOU) was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 13th to 15th, 2019.

    The A&G ZHEGNZHOU, which has been held five times, is playing a pivotal role in China's super-hard materials industry and even the world's super-hard materials industry. Exhibition area this year is far more than 18,000 square meters. There are more than 330 exhibitors from all over the world, and more than 22,000 professional visitors. The exhibition site is full of people coming and going. Sales technical team from Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., Ltd. brought a full set of scientific research GY420 super-hard material cubic hydraulic press complete set and forged hinge beam to the exhibition, showing the professional audience the newly developed electronically controlled hydraulic system and the latest forged hinge beam.


The newly developed electronically controlled hydraulic system of Guiye Machinery broke the situation that the pressure control of the cubic press in China has not been high for 20 years, which, for the first time, makes the pressure control accuracy of the cubic press in China has reached the technical level equivalent to that of the foreign double-face press. While it greatly improves the stability and anti-interference ability of the system, providing a very high-quality environment for customers to make high-quality products.


Common   System

High   Precision System

Pressure Sensor Detection Accuracy







Ultra-high Pressure Control Accuracy

Steady   State Accuracy



Effective   Precision



Pressure Curve Control Capability

Slow   Boost Speed



Slow   depressurization Speed            



(Performance Parameter Comparison Table between common system and new system)

In addition, the piston displacement control and liquid-filled synchronous precision technology of the cubic press machine exhibited by Guiye Machinery for the first time at this exhibition provides a new solution for the intelligent and digital control of the cubic press. This technology has pointed out the direction for the further improvement of the high value-added products of high temperature and high pressure super-hard materials, and has been highly praised by experts at home and abroad.

After careful preparation, Guiye Machinery became a highlight in the industry with its superb technical standards and high-performance electronically controlled hydraulic systems. Many Chinese and foreign businessmen came to the booth and expressed great interest in the new system. The members of the Guiye Machinery exhibiting team always kept the enthusiasm and patience to answer every customer.

Mr. Fang Xiaohu and Mr. Lu Fengnong, senior experts in the industry, also came to the booth and gave high recognition to the technical innovation of Guiye Machinery. They took photos with the members of the Guiye Machinery exhibiting team before the display of the equipment.

Guiye Machinery, which has more than 30 years of experience in six-face press technology, is constantly developing and improving its technology based on the needs of market customers, and is steadily advancing toward the long-term goal of excellence and professionalism. It strives to provide better and more professional services to Chinese and foreign customers. In order to create brand internationalization of China's super-hard material equipment, Guiye Machinery has a long way to go and has been running on the road!